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Greenville, Rockford and Grand Rapids Air Conditioning Advertising.

Posted by Michael Kamps on Tue, Jun 04, 2013 @ 02:27 PM

The Ad Said, "Save 50% On Your Utility Bills!"

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Home Air Conditioning: The Problem With Oversizing Part #1.

Posted by Michael Kamps on Fri, May 17, 2013 @ 02:16 PM

Air Conditioning Oversizing Causes and Effects Part #1

Customers depend on the expertise of contractors in selecting air conditioners. Yet contractors generally size air conditioners at least a half-ton larger than necessary and often oversize by a ton or more. Even the most conscientious contractor is driven to avoid call-backs (or even lawsuits). An oversized air conditioner can mask problems from duct leaks, improper flow across the coils, and improper charge.

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Heating And Cooling Systems In The Greenville Area: Done Right™

Posted by Michael Kamps on Tue, Feb 26, 2013 @ 06:39 PM

The Most Important Component Is Having Your Installation Done Right™:

Unfortunately for consumers, the installing contractor is the weak link in the chain. It's just not that simple.

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Heating And Cooling Systems: Priced Right™.

Posted by Michael Kamps on Tue, Feb 19, 2013 @ 05:11 PM

What's worse than over-paying; underpaying and NOT getting the results you hoped for!

At H&H Plumbing & Heating, we understand money is tight. So everyone is working hard to get the best value when it comes to investing in new equipment or repairing your existing furnace or air conditioner. Unfortunately, a lot of the confusion in the marketplace starts with the typical advertising. You hear about "rebates and tax credits" and "energy efficiency claims". We believe homeowners are skeptical of it all. We understand, no one wants to over-pay for any home repair or remodel project.
That not good for you and it's not good for us. Nothing wrong with rebates or tax credits(they are available to everyone), they're an added bonus in the end, if they apply for the right installation.

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