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Replacing A Furnace or Air Conditioner Correctly

Posted by Michael Kamps on Thu, Feb 14, 2013 @ 04:24 PM

Every Homeowner In Ther Greenville, Rockford or Cedar Springs Area All Want The Same Thing--Getting The Results You're Paying For When You Decide To Replace Your Furnace Or Air Conditioner.

When making the decision to reinvest in a new heating or cooling system, the question always pops up in peoples mind is, how do I make sure I get the results I'm paying for and solve my problems; basically, meet all my expectations!

This is a critical step and one that is often overlooked, and, unfortunately, it leads to the majority of the problems with HVAC installations. Without proper planning, there's a good chance your expectations won't be met. Although some contractors who use 'lowball' pricing, they have a history of adding to the project to increase their pocket book. We don't! We prefer a nice clean project or installation. Anticipating problems doesn't mean we are trying to add to the project.

Many people mistakenly assume that pre-existing comfort, noise, dust or unhealthy air problems will be automatically solved by installing a new system. Part of the planning process is getting answers to the right questions: about areas that have been hard to heat or cool, air that is either too dry or too humid, about how the old system worked (or didn’t work!), and about what you are looking for in a new system. Some homeowners are interested in reducing dust in the home, and if any family members suffer from respiratory allergies or asthma, a new system can often greatly improve these problems.
Understand, no matter what any contractor tells you, all homes are a connection of systems; for example the outer shell (walls, roofing and windows), heating and cooling systems, plumbing systems, etc. All of them impact one another.

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