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Labor Day Sales, Football Season and.. the Furnace Tune Up?

Posted by Michael Kamps on Mon, Sep 02, 2013 @ 05:27 PM

There's something about Labor Day weekend that I think affects everyone in some way; it almost works like  switch. For many people it signals the end of Summer and everything LaborDayassociated with it. Even though we'll still have warm, even hot days yet.

See if you have the same thoughts as I do.

It's amazing to me this time of year, you really notice how quickly the pattern of the sun changes,  In a two week period the shadows really come through the windows in the morning and evening at a different position. It's very noticeable.

There's plenty of sales going on and from what I've heard, it's a great time to buy a mattress with all the advertisers flooding the air-waves with advertising.

The weekend is filled with high school and college football games which of course includes tailgating. Then it rolls right into the NFL season if you've an avid football fan.

Of course if you have school age kids, you're scrambling with plenty of last minute items to get: clothes, backpacks & school supplies.

If you have a pool, you usually start the steps to close it up for the season, or you start thinking about preparing your garden for the changing season ahead.

Maybe it represents a move/adjustment back to a regular schedule

It just seems like time flies by this time of year, doesn't it.

For us it starts the furnace tune up season. I know, I know, that may not be on your mind. We really ramp up scheduling our furnace tune up's for our homeowners who have us do annual maintenance. If you haven't had one in a couple of years(or you can't remember when you had the last one) this might be the year to schedule one. If this winter lives up to the forecast, it will definitely be in your best interest.

Here are 4 major benefits:

  1. The Threat Of Carbon Monoxide.
  2. Eliminate The 'NO HEAT' Emergency.
  3. Ensure Efficient Performance...; keep $$$ from going up the chimney.
  4. Prevent Premature Failure Of Your System.

If 9 out of 10 homeowners don't understand the benefits of regular maintenance, we have a lot of work to do!! We will beat the 'drum' of regular maintenance until every homeowner in Grand Rapids, Rockford and Greenville area recognizes the benefits and doesn't let their heating or cooling system run until it fails.

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