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Indoor Air Problems: Dryer Exhaust

Posted by Michael Kamps on Fri, Aug 23, 2013 @ 01:25 PM

Dryer Exhaust: A Fire Hazard

In a recent blog article, we mentioned the threat from dryer lint that read like this:

"Smelling dryer exhaust inside the house is a red flag indicating lack of a vent, or a plugged vent. Lack of a vent risks moisture problems inside your house, and coating everything with dryer lint. A plugged vent is a serious fire hazard. Take immediate action!"

Greenville homeowners may be running the same risks. A year or so ago, this story made news which perfectly illustrates and makes the point. So often we can write about things that may pose a threat to your family. Here's the article about Robert De Niro's apartment which caught fire attributed to the build up of dryer lint:


We hope this encourages you to take the precautionary measures to eliminate the potential threat to your home. Again, there's a relationship between indoor air quality problems and your safety.

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