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Energy Efficient Homes: Science Has Not Changed!

Posted by Michael Kamps on Wed, Mar 20, 2013 @ 05:24 PM

How A Statement Made In 1983 Applies Today When It Comes To Improving The Energy Efficiency For Homeowners In Greenville, Rockford and Cedar Springs, MI.

This is a quote from Dr. Michael Busby of Watt Count Engineering.Energy Efficiency Tips

"A big problem is too many people simply try to add more insulation to their homes to reduce their bills, but that's not always the answer. It's not the quantity of insulation; it's more of the quality of installation and matching the right heating and cooling systems.
An important step in the process is to determine where there are air leaks in your home. Most of them you can't see. Once located, these problem areas are then solved by caulking and insulation. People think I have got to have R19 in the wall and R38 in the ceiling. It is more important to have everything installed correctly. Spending a lot of money on just insulation is like having a 'gold' bucket with a hole in it at the bottom; even though it's gold and cost a lot, it wouldn't do you a lot of good."

The fact is, you can enjoy the comfort now, lower your monthly utility expense, get a hedge against future energy prices and add value to your home.

It certainly stands to reason that the engineering used by Dr. Busby and his group, which gave NASA the ability to maintain a consistent 72-degree temperature and pure-air environment (inside the space capsules through very harsh environments), using only the energy needed to power four 100-watt light bulbs, that we'd be able to do a much better job efficiently heating and cooling a home!

The problem most homeowners is knowing where to begin. There is an overload of information, that for most consumers becomes very confusing. Leaving homeowners thinking, "can't someone just show me how to get the 'biggest bang for the buck'?"

So in this day and age of skyrocketing energy costs it’s critical that you as a home owner become educated on the right information. Before you spend a dime on insulation, windows, or heating and cooling or dealing with comfort issues, make sure you get credible answers to your questions.

What's the difference in 2013?

The statement by Dr. Busby made 29 years ago, has the same application today. Science or physics has not changed. Energy usage and cost of monthly utilities is probably a greater concern today.

The new furnaces and air conditioners have advanced significantly since 1983. Newer methods of exposing where a house is losing heat is amazing. Newer insulation products and installation methods have also advanced. Knowing the contractor who can do it right becomes critical.

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