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H&H Heating And Plumbing Expertise For Homeowners Begins Here

Posted by Michael Kamps on Mon, Jan 28, 2013 @ 02:59 PM

At H&H Plumbing & Heating, we recognize homeowners, like you, are doing a great deal of research about companies and products in our industry online; the marketplace is shifting and we see it shifting in our favor! The purpose is to share with you our experience working on every type of HVAC system, solving problems many can't diagnose and only experience teaches you. We'll go beyond the topics associated with heating, cooling and plumbing. We'd like to be your resource for some of the best information homeowners are searching for.

Here's why we say that... homeowners like you are saying, "educate me! teach me how to solve my problems or improve my home." So we look forward to providing that type of information and having on-going conversation online (even though we're only a phone call away). The 'Homes That Perform' blog is the place to discover some of the best industry information in the marketplace.Biggest Bang

In the past, homeowners were at the mercy of misinformation, advertising gimmicks, and the familiar horror stories of not getting their expectations met. In the Internet Age, homeowners, are no longer stuck with that.

One of the biggest problems with home improvement contractors is each company typically looks at their business only from the prospect of selling their product and installing it. It's a completely different point of view to focus on the results/solutions while making smart investments. For example, adding 8" of fiberglass batt insulation may sound like a good idea, but building science experts will tell you, batt insulation does not stop air going through it. That's a problem! Most homeowners don't know, your house is an integrated system; one part effects the performance of the other.

So delivering the best information that educates you, the homeowner, in simple, easy-to-understand blog articles and buyer's guides is the key. We can effectively educate homeowners by drawing from our 53 years of experience working on every piece of equipment 'known to man'; PLUS information from leading building science experts. This information will help you identify the potential solutions to problems you may be experiencing in your home; then putting you in the position to make the best buying-decision based on your specific situation--As we like to say, "Biggest Bang For The Buck".

In addition, we know the national conversation concerning energy efficiency will go on for a long time; we plan on playing an important role for home homeowners in West Michigan.
For 53 years, our expertise, products, and services have focused on comfort, healthy indoor air, safety and energy efficiency. That's why we call it the 'Homes That Perform' Blog. It's FREE. The information we'll cover will save you $100s if not $1000's year in and year out.

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