I'm Considering Replacing My Furnace, But I Have Some Questions...


Something got you doing some research about replacing your furnace..., so we'll ask you, why are you considering it?

Our goal here is to help answer every possible question one of three ways: 1. On this website, 2. On the phone Or, 3. in person.



Here's a list of common questions homeowners have when they're checking into replacing their HVAC system.

Questions like:
  • Are you concerned about the age of your system?
  • Are rebates a good reason to spend money prematurely?
  • Lack of comfort in certain areas of the house?
  • My monthly utility bills sure are high?
  • I'm hearing some weird noises, what is that?
  • I'm smelling something strange when it comes on, should I be concerned?

Before we answer these questions, here's something to think about, "when was the last time you had a thorough Tune-Up? Obviously, this is the best way to pinpoint your situation and then give advice is with technical diagnostics and evaluation in your home. (We're happy to provide you with all the guidelines and generalities, but that isn't the same)

What if replacing your furnace is premature? There's one way to find out.

A word about furnace replacement: we understand the feeling of replacing something you've already paid for when you built or bought your home is not exciting. So replacing that system prematurely (before maximizing it's life expectancy) is worse; The marketplace is filled with confusion from how our industry 'pitches' our products and services. (As we will discuss this further.)

Buying a new heating and cooling system is a very important financial decision.

The combined costs of owning a system always far exceed the initial cost of buying it. The wrong system, improperly installed, could sentence you to over 20 years of excessive utility and repair bills. It may also not deliver the comfort you expect and deserve, and it may adversely affect your family’s health and safety.

Industry experts like John Proctor of Proctor Engineering Group, will tell you, hiring the right contractor is much more important than choosing a manufacturer's equipment.

A Very Common Question, "When is the right time to replace your furnace?" The answer for everyone is different based on what's important to them. Here's a rule of thumb.

We took all of this into consideration when we put together our '6 SUREFIRE Steps' -- We hope you take advantage of the information.