Our 6 'SUREFIRE' Steps For Buying A New Air Conditioner.

Get Access To The Following Information:

  1. Our A/C Buyer's Guide In 'Plain English' and ACBuyerPlain"Age vs. Replacement" chart.
  2. Information about an A/C Tune Up.
  3. Access to Steve Easley and John Proctor's video.
  4. Links to our Guarantees and FAQ's.
  5. Links to our online Comfort Home Evaluation.
  6. Links to schedule an in-home visit meeting.

Learn when is the best time to buy, how to select the right system and make sure it's installed right:

  • Low Price Vs. Best Value -- why buying from the lowest(or 2nd lowest) bidding contractor(underpaying) may leave you stuck with the wrong system, installed improperly for the next 20 years.
  • Why hiring the right contractor is much more important than choosing a manufacturer's equipment.
  • You're not buying a air conditioner, you're buying: consistent temperatures throughout the home, quieter environment, increased home value, and delivered energy efficiency. (we'll explain why we say "delivered")
  • What should I avoid? Myths: confusion in the marketplace - things you need to be aware of?
  • What we mean by Planned Right™ + Priced Right™ + Done Right™ + The 'H&H Plumbing & Heating' Difference = 'Home That Performs'.