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How Much Does a Furnace Cleaning or Tune Up Cost?

Posted by Michael Kamps on Wed, Sep 25, 2013 @ 02:10 PM

A Common Question Homeowners In The Greenville, Ionia,and Cedar Springs Area Are Searching Online Is, "How much does a furnace cleaning or tune up cost?"

The quick answer is, it depends; all furnace tune ups are not the same. There's a difference between the "15-minute-pop-your-head-in-the-door" tune-up and a complete 16 -Point Tune-Up.
Furnace Tune Up Greenville
What I thought I'd try to do is help you understand the answer to this question. As a company, we are highly motivated to teach and preach maintenance & service. Here's why we are motivated; in most homes, furnaces are typically ignored until they malfunction.

Like you, when I'm looking to work with a business, or make a purchase spending my own money, I'm looking for a reasonable explanation for parting with my hard earned dollars. (Hey, it's no different with me and my family.)

Let's see if an investment in a furnace tune up makes sense to you.

Of course, it all depends on what you're receiving. If you've never had one, how do you know what to expect? Your heating and cooling equipment needs regular inspections and maintenance to keep it operating effectively and efficiently. If your equipment is new, keep in mind that warranties only cover certain functional parts for a specified length of time. Failure to maintain your system may void the warranty.

Dirt and neglect are the top causes of heating and cooling system inefficiency and failure. To prevent problems, stay on a regular maintenance schedule. It's a small investment to make to avoid health threats, extend the life of your equipment, and save money this heating season.
In the marketplace, some contractors tune ups are what we call "15-minute-pop-your-head-in-the-door", which consists of using a flashlight to pull the cover off your furnace, check the filter, and maybe replace the igniter. We don't believe that's thorough enough for the results homeowners should expect. There's no way to do it right in that short of a period of time or with that approach.

When you start to consider the costs of doing business which include: hiring and training the best technicians, paying wages and benefits for their time to do a complete job (which usually takes an hour or more), maintaining service trucks, and the cost of driving to your home; you can see where these can take up the majority of the charge quickly.

Diagnosing problems with today’s more complicated furnaces and air conditioners requires ongoing staff training which we undertake to keep us on top of our game. Few companies in West Michigan have all the state-of-the-art tools and diagnostic instruments needed to do the job right.

If you'd like to take our online "Comfort Consultation" feel free.

The way we view our furnace tune up service is our opportunity to demonstrate to you who we are as a company; a way to get to know us. We'd like to earn the opportunity to build a long term relationship by teaching you why regular maintenance is in your best interest and how we do business with homeowners like you. Hopefully, we earn your confidence and trust so when you need expert advice or need to replace your existing system, you come back to us.
We don't claim "were the ones to trust"; we believe in earning it.

Want more information, read our FREE Reports or the Top 10 Reasons For A Furnace Tune Up.

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