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Indoor Air Problems: How To Control Dust Problems.

Posted by Michael Kamps on Fri, Sep 13, 2013 @ 03:03 PM

We've Talked About The Problems Caused By Dust, Now Let's Move Towards Some Step By Step Solutions To Control Them.

House dust is known to contain many hazardous materials, and it is an asthma trigger. So obviously reducing it will improve your indoor air quality.

The Practical Stuff:

Stop the dust at the door. A large amount of dust in houses originate from outside and are StopDusttracked in on feet of your family members and guests.
Pave exterior walks.  Use permeable, rugged outdoor mat that collects gritty materials at the entrances.
Have an interior carpet mat to collect additional particles. Design entries so that there is room to remove and store coats, shoes and boots.
Hard-surface, easily mopped floors work well to collect very fine particles left by drying footprints; make it easy to clean.
Vacuum and filter the rest away.
Whenever possible, replace carpets with smooth flooring, which is easy to clean and less likely to retain dust. (Ok, Ok, carpeting is nice on the bare feet so you don't have to be extreme).
Here are some other design considerations. Use window treatments such as blinds or shades that can be easily wiped.  Use hard surfaces rather than textiles.  Use semi-gloss latex paints instead of flat or matte finishes because such surfaces are easier to clean using mild soaps.

We've talked about this in previous blog articles. A major source of the dust is the attic. It’s a result of pathways for the dust to get from the attic into the rest of the house. Often there are large holes, such as the unsealed tops of plumbing chaseways, dropped ceilings above closets or kitchen cabinets, attic access hatches that don't seal well, around and over recessed light fixtures, around chimneys, big gaps around plumbing, etc. There are also smaller holes and gaps between the drywall and the top plate of the walls, around wiring penetrations, etc.

All of these holes and gaps are potential pathways for dust to be sucked into the house from the attic. Plug or seal them!

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