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Dust Related Indoor Air Quality Issues: Is There A Hidden Risk?

Posted by Michael Kamps on Tue, Aug 20, 2013 @ 04:15 PM

Attention Greenville Homeowners: House Dust Is A Rich Source Of Bacteria.

Whether you know this or not, there are unknown things living in the dark and dusty corners of your home and office, scientists are now one step Germscloser to cataloguing exactly what might be lurking in your indoor environment. Buildings have their own pattern of bacteria in indoor dust, which includes species normally found in the human gut, according to new research

From A Study In Finland: 500 Germs In Dust!

"People spend most of their lives in different indoor air quality environments: homes, schools, workplaces" explained microbiologist and lead researcher Helena Rintala. "And as such we are constantly challenged by airborne microbes. It is important then to understand the exact nature of this exposure and to be able to understand how it affects our health."

Indoor dust samples were taken in 2003 from two nursing homes located in small towns in central Finland, 100 km apart. Both buildings were similar in age, building frame, ventilation, use and rural location. Offices in the two buildings were sampled at different times during 1 year to obtain four samples per building, one for each season

By examining dust samples taken from hard surfaces such as tables and floors using a vacuum cleaner, Rintala and her colleagues found that Gram-positive bacteria dominated. This group includes Staphylococcus and Streptococcus species that belong to the normal bacteria in humans. Approximately five hundred bacterial species were estimated to be present in the dust, which is relatively easy to collect and reveals a good picture of the total microbial exposure in indoor environments.

"So far most of our information about microbes in indoor environments has concentrated on fungi(mold). Our results show basic information on bacteria. Although our findings are significant, we do need more research to find out where the microbes are coming from for instance.

We're not trying to make you a microbiologist doing research, but make you aware of some potential threats in your home that may be affecting your health.

It All Starts With Identifying The Problems. If you have family members who have allergies or are sensitive to smells and you'd like the opinion of the experts, contact our office.

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