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Home Air Conditioning Buying Decisions: Educated vs. 'Gimmick'

Posted by Michael Kamps on Wed, Jun 26, 2013 @ 02:15 PM

Really? Rebates Of $2400, "50% Off", "2 for 1", "Limited Time Only".

Today consumers have to overcome all the gimmicks, confusion and frustrations when tryingbuyingbs to make the best buying decision that's right for you. While doing some research online, I ran across this comment online the other day. It was a consumer voicing an opinion:

"I HATE REBATES. I NEVER buy because of a rebate. The only time I deal with them is when I was going to buy the product anyway. They are ALWAYS a PAIN."

Maybe you can relate to that.

We find that most consumers today see, or hear things like "$2400 rebates", "50% off", "2 for 1" and "Limited Time Only" and their eyes glaze over. You're probably thinking, 50% off what? You might be thinking, "I've never done business with this advertiser, so what does 50% off mean?" You have no idea. I'm sure you're thinking, the advertiser just builds the rebate or discount into the price. So, from the get go, you're questioning the information you'll be presented.  
The "2 for 1" advertisement, begs the question, is that a legitimate deal; how often do home owners pay for both; does anyone pay for both of them?

In this confusing marketplace, folks want to get off this 'merry-go-round'; just help me make the best decision without taking advantage of me!
Again, a successful home improvement project is about the right planning, the right pricing, and having it done right by qualified contractors.
Buying a new or replacement home air conditioning system is much more complex than making a buying decision based on a radio ad where the first thing they mention is a "big rebate". That doesn't make sense to us.
For the most part consumers like you just want credible information so you can make the best buying decision for your situation. If you read our "6 SUREFIRE Steps To Buying An A/C System", you'll understand what we mean.

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