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Thinking About Replacing Your Home Air Conditioning System?

Posted by Michael Kamps on Tue, May 14, 2013 @ 05:12 PM

If You're Thinking About Replacing Your Home Air Conditioning System, You May Want To Take This Simple Step First.

When homeowners plan for replacement they have the opportunity to evaluate solutions toShouldIReplaceMyAC2 other problems more of a systems approach. You have time to research and evaluate newer technologies and other options. We know every homeowner has different motivating factors that drive their decisions. Things like: it's getting up there in age, utility bills are high, having peace of mind, safety conscious, concern for the environment, energy-efficiency, not happy with the comfort level, concerned about clean indoor air and a safer environment. You may be interested in Geothermal as an option. The 'Team' at H&H Plumbing & Heating are passionate about helping homeowners like you make the best buying decision anyway we can.

The point is, it's better to have the necessary time to make a 20 year decision with the best information, right?

John Proctor P.E. is a nationally recognized expert in energy efficiency and the Managing Partner of Proctor Engineering Group, an energy efficiency and quality assurance Demand Side Management consulting firm. In his often referenced article, Bigger is NOT better he states:

“Beware of being sold an over-sized unit. An over-sized air conditioner will cycle on and off more frequently, causing noticeable temperature swings and putting more wear on the equipment. If your home has hot or cold spots, and your old system didn’t keep you comfortable, don’t just assume that a bigger one will. In fact, a larger unit usually worsens existing uneven temperature problems. In almost every case, the best solution is to fix problems with your air ducts or house insulation, not to install a bigger unit.

Another common problem is that the(your) older system has lost much of its cooling or heating ability, mostly due to insufficient maintenance. Your old system may simply not have the output it had when it was new. Its heat transfer surfaces may be dirty; its refrigerant gas charge may be out of adjustment. A brand new, clean, larger system is then too large, and results in a less comfortable home."

Let's first determine how to extend the life of your current system. Before you decide what to do, one of the best ways to help you evaluate is to have a member of our service team conduct a A/C Tune-Up on your existing equipment.(Hopefully your system is still working) An A/C Tune Up will help us 'benchmark" your system.

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