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Heating And Cooling Systems In The Greenville Area: Done Right™

Posted by Michael Kamps on Tue, Feb 26, 2013 @ 06:39 PM

The Most Important Component Is Having Your Installation Done Right™:

Unfortunately for consumers, the installing contractor is the weak link in the chain. It's just not that simple.

Manufacturers will tell you that no matter how well they build a furnace, the performance of Grand Rapids Airtheir equipment in your home will depend on the contractors ability to install and maintain it correctly.
Many homeowners are getting shortchanged. Government and utility company research shows that new systems typically deliver as little as half of the heating or cooling they are capable of. In a recent utility study, 9 out of every 10 new systems had energy-wasting mistakes due to errors or oversights by the installing contractor.

The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) states:
“...newly installed heating and cooling systems that are under or over-sized, improperly charged, or connected to a poorly designed and installed duct system will not deliver the rated efficiency.”
There's a world of difference between a system that puts out some hot or cold air, and one that performs at the high efficiency, comfort and safety levels intended by the equipment manufacturers.
The higher efficiency equipment today is more complex than ever. Have you looked under the hood of your car or truck lately? It's no different inside your HVAC System.

Also, you want to know who's coming in your house. Many contractors claim to treat your home like their home, we explain how we do that; what that actually means.
We'll protect against damage all runners will be used on all work and traffic areas.

With the extensive background of the team at H&H Plumbing & Heating, we bring experience with every make and model installed in this area.

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